Our Story

We met during the summer of 2007 at the IFC Film Center in NYC, having been invited to a documentary film festival by our friend Selene.  To be sure, it wasn’t love at first sight, in fact Christian didn’t even remember Julie’s name (much to his eternal shame), but a tentative friendship sprang out of that night, based mostly on our shared hate for many of the documentaries we watched.  That summer we started hanging out, at first with Selene and then just the two of us, seeing movies, going to dinner and watching a lot of Aaron Sorkin shows.  After some mild (and not so mild) pestering by Christian, we started dating in October and moved in together a year later.  On February 21, 2009, Christian (not one to do things halfway) got down on both knees and asked Julie to marry him in front of the very theater where they first met.

Our Wedding

Photo courtesy of the lovely dawnfromtexas
On Friday, October 2, 2009, we will be heading down to the Manhattan Marriage Bureau to exchange vows and make me an honest woman.  Our closest friends and family will be joining us for this special occasion.  Once all the formalities are over at City Hall, we will be getting on a bus to go around NYC taking photos before heading off to an intimate and delicious dinner at Salt Restaurant in Soho.  Salt is the first place Christian got drunk and suggested we should start dating so it has a special place in both our hearts.